(Code: Clavis)
From 70.00

Thanks to Clavis by King Gates your gate automation experience has now been made easier. Clavis is a WiFi dongle that connects you gate automation to your smart phone. This enables you to use some of Clavis`s fantastic features as below

Geo location

Using the map on the Clavis app, you can pinpoint the location of your gates and set a perimeter of your choice around them. When you travel back into the perimeter with you mobile phone the gates will automatically open.


You can open and close the gates from anywhere in the world by your smart phone via the Clavis app.

Access control

When adding users to the Clavis app you can determine the user status and restrict their use between specific times and days of the week. You can also monitor all users behaviour.


The Clavis App can be connected to unlimited users phone, through purchasing a authorisation code.

Multi Location

The Clavis app can be connected to multiple Clavis WiFi dongles in multiple locations.    


You simply plug in the Clavis module to your StarG8 control unit and connect it to your home or business WiFi using the Clavis App.

Please Note, the Clavis is only compatible with StarG8 version 42  onward.

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